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In our work we strongly belive that it takes much more then just a great picture to capture and preserve a moment. We are trying to be a little bit different in that respect by providing extended flexibility in our services. Here are some of the services we offer, but by no means we consider this list complete. If you have a good idea on how you can benefit from a good photographer with great equipment - tell us.
  • Portraits
    - Baby portraits
    - Family portraits
  • Events coverage
    - Birthday parties
    - Baby showers
    - School events
    - Corporate parties
  • Photo story. This is where a short period of time is captured in a single album. Some sample ideas:
    - Fun with Grand Parents
    - I like summer
    - Getting ready for Mother Day
    - My dance lesson
    - Learning bike
  • Ongoing albums
    - Watch me grow
    - Getting ready for greatest kid in the world
    - Me and my Friends
  • Photography lessons
    - Photography basics for kids or adults
    - Digital photography workflow
    - Lets shoot together