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Plan A
Plan B
To better meet needs of our clients, we are currently offering two different payment schemas.
  • Plan A (hourly rate)
    You get:
    Complete set of all the images (disk or download). All images are full size, no watermarks, no copyright restrictions.
    Minor lighting and crop adjustments on all the images.
    Touchup on one image per hour paid.
    You don't get:
    No prints are included in the price of this service, but since you get all the full size images, you can print them at the lab of your choice. Or you can ask us to print the images at the discounted prices.
    You pay:
    Flat rate per hour of service.
  • Plan B (per picture)
    You get:

    Printed images you have selected. Prices include all adjustments and touchup.
    You don't get:
    All the work is copyrighted and full size images are not delivered as part of this service.
    You pay:
    Session fee and individually per images you selected. Since all our work is digital, it is relatively inexpensive for us to produce additional copies of the same image, we decided to pass on this saving to our customers, so you can expect deep discounts when ordering additional copies of the same image.